Nowegian Jazz Legend

ffej rennoc

Ffej began playing the drums in his native Norway at age 2. He played his first concert with the Scandinavian Jazz group "Laplandish Behaviour" at the age of 9 and at 14 he toured Europe with Miles Davis and George Duke, having turned the European Jazz world on its ear with some of the smoothest playing they had ever heard. He was slated to become the next Steve Gadd, but something happened that changed everything.

He was 17 years old and touring with another European Jazz legend, Augustine Copenhagen, when, while at the Montreaux Jazz festival, he heard Inna Gadda Davida for the very first time. He decided that he would commit his musical life to classic rock, playing in bands simply for the love of the music.

While touring in Spain with his classic rock cover band, "Franklin's Mountain", he happened to meet Chubby. They were so drawn to each other's music that the two have been inseperable ever since...

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