Guitar, Voice, Keys

Ken St. George

Ken St. George is one of those guys that makes you ill. He playes the guitar very well, he sings well, plays keyboards well, can drum well and plays bass well when needed. Oh, and did I mention that he's a gifted songwriter and arranger, too. Jerk.

He grew up in England and lived about a half mile from George Harrison. He got Goerge's autograph in 1966. Three weeks later he went to John Lennon's house, which was 7 miles away, and got his. Thus began a lifelong love for the Beatles.

He started playing when he was 16. He got the idea from his older brother (a guitarist) and a Beatles songbook. Being an avid fan, he just picked it up and started playing with his first axe, a Lyle Acoustic.

Since then he has played in High Tide, Rear Entry, MA Allstars and Oily Grey. He has been playing with Chubby(Rog) for a while and invited him to join the MA Allstars.

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