Lead Guitar

See...He's trying to hide by blending in to the sky!

Randy Morris

Randy is the smooth flowing dynamic giant who kind of hides in the back. He's huge, but you don't really notice him until it's too late. One minute you're thinkin that Chubby's is a nice dance band, the next, you're trying to figure out when Gregg Allman, Jimi Hendrix, or Jerry Garcia got up on the stage and started playing that sweet solo. He joined up with Chubby's via Steve Martin and Fenny. Apparently, they were as impressed as I was the first time I jammed with him.

He is a San Jose boy who started playing trombone in 1969 at Cory Elementary. Not long after, he got a Sears Silvertone Guitar and began a life of fingering frets and strumming strings. Now his store of axes includes 2 Les Paul's ('71 Deluxe, 56 Junior), a couple of Telecasters(58 esquire, 73 thinline) and a 63 Strat. He plays them all with a grace that belies his stature. "Big Red" is the man

He now makes his living as an engineering specialist for SIEMENS. Yes, that means he's smart AND talented. When he is not working or playing music, he likes to nurture nature and find the inner beauty of all things.

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