Don Potter

Grateful Don Potter …Originally from Southern California, Don came to the Bay Area in the Early eighties to begin a career at KEZR Radio “Mix 106.5”. Over a thirty year period, Don has been a Morning Radio personality at both KEZR and KBAY, and currently works as a morning man at KUIC in Fairfeild.

It was at KEZR that Don met Rog and Fenny.  They began playing music together at parties and each other’s houses for fun, not ever thinking it would someday lead to an actual Band…but that’s what has happened.

Don plays rhythm guitar and is the Lead Vocalist of Chubby’s All Stars He is commonly referred to as the “spiritual leader” of the Band. His passion for singing and music really shines when he sings a “Bob Dylan” ballad, or a high energy song written by Jerry Garcia. His colorful personality adds a great deal to the Band’s character and flavor.

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